image10-Year-Old Boy ‘Drag Kid’ Photographed With Naked Adult Drag Queen

Obama Era Approved 5,556 Child Brides For Immigration To America

Mothers in shock as daughters come home from college with mustaches, breasts removed

For years, college officials have told students gender is a choice. They’ve pressured all students to announce their preferred pronouns on name tags and in emails as gender fluidity is normalized. They’ve celebrated students who choose to transition as brave warriors.


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 concerned about
 Russian interference
 in our elections thanl
 am Democrat
 interference in our
 elections.The Fleecing of Americans, Politicians Scamming Billions meant for Border Security for Personal Finance since 9-11

What the Nazi core based Socialist Leftists in office and their propaganda peddlers masquerading as the media fail to mention to the American people, is past presidents George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack H Obama all were given billions of dollars for border security.

The biggest question no one is asking is, just where did these billions go that these past presidents received for border security, because obviously it wasn’t spent on securing the border. Limbaugh notices something glaringly missing from border wall discussion

Chairman Engel (D-NY) Replacing Terrorism Committee W/Trump Investigation One


15472329089254086815162162803842Iraq War Veteran Turned FBI Agent Notified Comey of Widespread FBI Corruption, Comey & McCabe Set Out to “Suicide Him”

MOM TO PELOSI: My Child Was Beaten And Set On Fire By An Illegal…Pelosi To Mom: Illegals In Sanctuary Cities Don’t Break Laws [Video]

IRS Didn’t Tell Millions of Taxpayers Illegal Aliens Stole Their Social Security Numbers

Dems Funded a 500 Million Dollar Wall in Jordan! But Walls Don’t Work!

800k Federal Workers Are Without Pay While 30 Dems Party in PR

The USA is being overrun by anonymous foreigners and there is far more of an advantage to be a foreigner than a citizen thanks to Democrats. They don’t care about Americans.

While federal workers are not receiving paychecks, Democrats are refusing to negotiate on border security — at all. But don’t worry about them, they are having a grand time.