Malaysia: A ‘cross-like symbol’ on building triggers Muslims – and an investigation

See the source imageWhy The Democrats Cheered Trump’s Defeat, But Should Be More Panicked Than Ever

Why Congressional and Senate Democrats would refuse the opportunity to take partial credit of creating an orderly border process is mystifying. Especially so when 78%-90% of Americans seek tougher border measures. Most of whom also believe that a border barrier is a key component to the multi-lateral security strategy.

When a party has a tight leash on the purse strings they are able to bully the masses into subjection on issues of conscience. Trump not only broke that chokehold he also simultaneously completely shifted the direction of the federal judiciary for a generation or more. Working quite closely with Majority Leader McConnell, Trump has nominated and has seen confirmed nearly as many judges in federal, appellate, and Supreme Court(s) in two years as the previous administration did in eight.

They literally fight for everything that center-right America is not. (Cue the video from the New York State Senate this week with a standing ovation for late-term and partial-birth abortion now codified into law as much like the Nazi’s of the 1930’s thirsting for the blood of the “impure.”)

They fight in favor of everything America does not want. (Sexual identity issues, seventy-percent tax rates, and leniency on Americans who attempt to join ISIS.)

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