Pentagon sending thousands more troops to Mexico border...

miGfZGK.jpgHundreds of migrants cross Arizona border after 'busloads' dropped off...


Non-citizens voting in our elections is a huge problem

When I was a boy, I had a disease that required me to eat dirt three times a day in order to survive... It's a good thing my older brother told me about it.

Making Freedom Great Again: U.S. Jumps Six Spots On Global Freedom Index

Calif. College Board Cancels Pledge of Allegiance Because It Is ‘White Nationalist’

If a guy remembers the color of your eyes after the first date, chances are… you have small boobs.


California protesters MOCK woman as she recites the Pledge of Allegiance


Kamala Harris: What kind of civil society tolerates "assault weapons" in the people’s hands?

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

Kamala Says No More Health Insurance, Guns, Wealth, & Borders

BAD NEWS FOR DEMS! Trump Takes Shocking Spot In Poll Asking Dems Who They Prefer In 2020

Anyone looking at what’s happening in Venezuela has to know the socialism these fruitcakes want is a recipe for disaster in America.

We’re really not surprised that Democrats are jumping from the party because of the illogical policies by Democrats. We’re just surprised they don’t see it yet.


In a new poll of “Democratic-leaning adults”, Trump has gained ground in a big way. This comes after the news that Trump’s numbers with Hispanics have gotten better too.

Nurse who stole opioids gets job back — because her addiction is a “disability”

Republicans Reintroduce Legislation to Repeal Estate Tax

2019: The Beginning of the End for the Transgender Movement

There was a time — not long ago, perhaps three to five years — when gay activism advanced on a premise of equality and fairness. The Scouts experience show us what this “equality and fairness” looks like in action. A movement built on falsehood is hard to sustain. And its fundamental unfairness is showing its face ever more clearly now in the form of transgender bullying.

I am quite sure that somewhere, some college freshman woman is being assigned to room with a “transwoman.” And she’s being shamed as “transphobic” if she objects to rooming with a man.

Meanwhile, for the second year in a row, the Texas State girl’s wrestling champion is essentially doping on testosterone.

Parents will not put up with this for long. They won’t sit idly by as young girls decide en masse it’s cool to “transition.”