Comey Begs Military: “Please Don’t Kill Me!”

“Comey has been dropping dimes on a bunch of people, but he isn’t talking about Obama. He’s the kind of guy who’d rat out his mother. Either Comey fears Obama more then he does his own execution, or he really is clueless,” our source said.

“Oh, God, please don’t kill me. I’ve said everything I know,” Comey replied.

In closing, our source said Comey will face a military tribunal; however, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps will not schedule his trial until after it has extracted all sensitive info from Comey’s addled mind.



When considering how long it took for mice and Ferrets to die from the Covid jab factor in their life expectancy to that of a human. One month to a ferret is the equivalent to about 1 year to a human. When exposed to another virus after about 2 months all the ferrets died. Humans who get the JAB will start dying after about 1 1/2 to 2 years. This allows them enough time to euthanize billions before the truth begins to emerge. They are counting on mass extermination to prevent themselves from being held accountable.

☠️ DEAD ☠️ people don’t hold others accountable.


Clearly NOT the same 2 people!100062100389_122344

The ‘original versions’ were executed a few years ago in India for testing a ‘vaccine’ on 30, 000 Indian children of whom all died soon after.

Also, 150b and no prenup?!

And other seeming “coincidences”, such as:

Same year Bezos steps down.

Same year Raul Castro steps down.

Same year Jeff Zucker steps down.

Same year Prince Philip ”dies”.

Same year Jeffrey Epstein “commits suicide”.

And these are just the “opening acts”, a prelude of the parade of bad actors in this epic movie, that can be characterized as “The Greatest Story Ever Told, Part 2!”


Biden, Harris, Milley Charged with Treason, Tribunals at White House, Mass Arrests, Martial Law

May 10, 2021





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