Biden, Harris, Milley Charged With Treason, Tribunals at White House, Mass Arrests, Martial Law

“A violent event will soon take place in D.C. that will result in Martial Law. Retaliatory military strikes will remove Biden, Harris and top ranking members of Congress on charges of Treason,” high up sources claimed on Sun. 9 May.

On Wed 14 April, US Army Gen Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was arrested and charged with Treason by Pentagon police officers, along with General Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau. The generals were removed to a C-17 transport plane that took both to GITMO to face military tribunals.

A couple of months ago 80% of the Department of Defense flag officers voted in a binding vote to support bringing back Trump as the only duly elected president and removing the fake Biden-Harris administration, while only 20% of DoD flag officers voted against the measure.


So if we are all forced to buy electric cars the pipeline shutdown wouldn’t be a problem?


“If you drive an electric car this would not be effecting you.”

Translation: Tough luck (in the most condescending way possible)— Cathedral of digression

I guess the pipeline shutdown is funny to her, so comical that people can’t get fuel.— Michael Wian (@MikeWian) May 11, 2021

shes so happy about people struggling she can’t even hide her smile at the press podium— JoeVanWeedler (@joevanweedler) May 11, 2021


If you know anyone that voted for Biden/Harris, please thank them for the fuel crises that we are in.

Biden is the Number 1 Suspect in the Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

Bidens first day in office he shuts down the Keystone Pipeline.

On Jan. 20, Mr. Biden signed an executive order canceling the permit that allowed the pipeline to cross Canada’s border with the U.S., citing a climate-change crisis as a reason.

The Keystone Pipeline delivered oil to Houston Tx, where it was refined and then sent up the East Coast via the Colonial Pipe line.


Whitmer threatens profit seizure if pipeline stays operating

In her letter to Vern Yu, Enbridge’s executive vice president for liquids pipelines, Whitmer said continued operation of the line after Wednesday “constitutes an intentional trespass” and that the company would do so “at its own risk.”

“If the state prevails in the underlying litigation, Enbridge will face the prospect of having to disgorge to the state all profits it derives from its wrongful use of the easement lands following that date,” Whitmer said. 


Gifted Math Students Can Forget Accelerated Programs for Equity’s Sake

Just when critics were thinking education couldn’t get any more dumbed-down, the California Department of Education has come up with a new program guaranteed to keep high-achieving students from getting any farther ahead.

Once dubbed the “gifted” program, accelerated classes for students are ending. Instead of being allowed to work at their own pace and studying calculus, for example, higher achieving students will now have to sit in the same classrooms staying at the same level as everybody else, until everybody else is ready to move up.