Bill Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 1

The joviality and swagger Clinton displayed on Monday had evaporated when uniformed MPs escorted him to GITMO’s south courtroom Friday morning. A much more sullen and forlorn Bill Clinton, head hung low, was seated at the defense table beside the advocate he had chosen to represent him, the venerable David E. Kendall.

At the start of Friday’s proceedings, Kendall boldly asked Rear Adm. John G. Hannink to “dismiss without prejudice” all charges leveled against Bill Clinton. Those charges include murder, sex crimes against minors, treason, theft of government property,

“President Clinton should not have to answer for the crimes of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has already been sentenced and put to death. For many years, William Jefferson Clinton was largely oblivious to his wife’s transgressions, and once he became aware of them, he had only a peripheral involvement, at best. Make no mistake, she called all the shots. My client was along for the ride,” Kendall said.

“It was all Hillary,” Bill Clinton said.