House Passes Bill: Women are required to register for the DRAFT

Defense bill that would make women register for draft largely supported by Republicans

Women between the ages of 18 and 25 will be required to register for the Selective Service, the system used to draft people into the military in case of a crisis, if the annual defense funding bill that the House passed this week makes it to President Joe Biden’s desk.

But despite years of pushback against the policy change from conservatives, House Republicans are now largely willing to accept, or even support, the change long sought by Democrats.

Wake Up, COVID Is World War III

We have taken our freedom for granted – never imagining we would experience a serious threat to autonomy and freedom of thought, speech and assembly. Yet just like the Third Reich, tyranny is being disguised as safety. Let’s stop this now before ‘cleansing campaigns’ begin.


Study Shows How Masks Are Harming Children

Children are facing unnecessary harm from mask mandates and school closures, and families are seeking medication to control behavior. One alternative countrywide mandate has been successful.

ImageNEW POLL: Majority of unvaccinated incorrectly believe boosters show vaccines aren’t working

How many of them think they don’t need a jab because they can defend themselves with a gun instead, I wonder.


You’re damn right . Ima give that virus a belly full a birdshot if it comes round here.

why are this many healthcare workers willing to lose their jobs rather than take the vaccine?


What about the long term repercussions down the road for the adults?


NEW – Pelosi: "Keep government open… to address the full #Obama agenda of building back better."