Listen carefully to understand what our Special Forces are battling against…Whomever said the DUMBs / Tunnels do not exist – you don’t have to guess which side they are on…

This is WAY bigger than a stolen election.

Killing in many other words listen carefully…
1) Healthcare,
2) Vaccines, and
3) Reproductive Health Services.

Why do they want to give you this shot so bad?


Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat  party.

Terry McAuliffe: "I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

Biden not at the white house. (pretend) booster shot on a pretend set of the pretend white house. Oh, did I mention this is pretend? Why do they want you to take this shot so bad?


If you have kids in school…. or grand kids …. or know kids … you have to see what they are teaching! What happened to reading, writing, arithmetic,??????? This is disgusting!

Shocker: Three existing covid vaccines actually contain DNA (not just RNA) for spike protein synthesis inside your body

This is Australia the last couple of weeks… They gave up their guns. This is the government looking out for the health of the people. This is what’s coming here. Stand up now. Why do they want you to take this shot so bad?

Leftist group funded by George Soros submits letter to Biden regime calling for killing Republicans

Above the stables at Buckingham Palace, a young man climbs down a rope of bedding to escape—what? or whom? We understand he fell to his death; which must have been preferable to his fate if he remained there. Of course the British media claimed it was a public relations prank.

Some terrorists’ attacks are strictly theatre, and involve no deaths at all—like the Sandy Hook school shooting at an abandoned school that was slated for demolition using "crisis actors".


What will the response be when you learn that fellow Americans in Newtown, CT took a bribe—we hear their mortgages were paid off in full—for their silence about what transpired in their town that day? At least one government official told us no one died in that little circus designed to propel the desired gun confiscation agenda under Obama. And that fundraiser online "for the victims’ families"—come on. We weren’t born yesterday. They planned it and put the money website up before the event took place, and they made millions.

What do "Catholic" priests do to infant males? Are they sucking the blood of screaming adrenalized ,circumsized infants?