In this election cycle, Barack Obama’s support is even falling amongst black voters. Part of it is because they’re much worse off than when he was elected, and he clearly hasn’t given a damn about African-Americans since the day he was elected.

Moreover, it’s become clear to those voters that Barry, as described by a former girlfriend, has “hardly a black bone in his body.”

Which is why the Left and others “down with the struggle” were overjoyed to discover that Barack Hussein Obama is actually a descendent of John Punch, America’s very first slave(who may well have been purchased by a great-great-grandparent of Joe Biden’s who found the slave to be “articulate and clean and bright and a nice-looking guy.”)

But before Barry breaks into a chorus of “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen,” it’s rather important to point out that he has less “slave blood” than his white mother…from whom he inherited it.

And – oh yeah! – the genealogist who produced the research can’t actually prove that Obama’s familial connection to slavery is even true.

We suspect it was just a rumor he heard from Harry Reid.