It turns out that these Obama supporters vehemently oppose his policies when they think they belong to the GOP candidate.

The first example was Obama’s expansion of the Patriot Act (including “spying”). Responses ranged from: “He’s going to far with this,” to “I don’t believe the government should be able to invade our privacy like that.”

Next, the interviewer asked about the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by President Obama. He explains that this act would grant Romney the power to arrest and detain American citizens without a court of law. Responses included “Unconstitutional and immoral,” “Crazy,” and “I think [Romney] is a psychopath.”

The third question involved Obama’s Kill List (which includes Americans) except, of course, that the interviewer claimed that the list was something proposed by Romney. Respondents were outraged, saying: “It sounds unconstitutional to me and immoral,” “He’s watching too much Terminator,” and “Coming from a country that used to be a dictatorship, I don’t really want to go back to that.”

The final “Romney” policy involved drone strikes against terrorists. The interviewer stated that the United States would be willing to use drone strikes in countries with which we haven’t gone to war, and that drone use six times would be as extensive as it was under President Bush. Those being interviewed found this terrifying, saying: Romney is a “Crazy, crazy guy. That’s why I’m not voting for him,” and “He’s just trying to appeal to warhawks.”

Then came the twist. The interviewer confessed that these were all Obama’s policies and asked respondents how they felt. Most of them did a quick 180 and still supported Obama with answers such as “He’s Obama. Let me take a minute and think about that,” “Actually, those are not facts,” “I don’t agree with everything Obama has done but, for the greater good, most of the policies he put in place I agree with, so I’m definitely a supporter,” and “There’s (sic) a lot of other reasons why I’m going to vote for Obama, and hearing that stuff, honestly, doesn’t change it. I’m a liberal.”