Many high profile Democratic supporters have transitioned from “concerned” to “Threat Level Midnight*,” as the Obama campaign gains downward momentum.

The latest example comes from this panicked appeal for “emergency” funds from Barbra Streisand:

Dear Comrade,

For the love of Gaia PLEASE F*CKING HELP US!!!!

The Democratic Party urgently needs your help, NOW. We’re just weeks from the most important election in our history and every single thing Democrats like you and I spent a lifetime fighting for – killing babies, Godless perversion, class and racial warfare, socialism, appeasement, the proliferation of welfare and the eradication of the military, green energy hysteria, amnesty for illegal immigrants – is on the line!

That would be a disaster for America and we can’t let it happen! Please rush an emergency contribution RIGHT F*CKING NOW while there’s still time!!

President Obama needs you. I need you. The millions of parasites needy individuals suckling at the sweet teat of government need you!

Thank you,

Babs Streisand