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Proving that there is always a “right man for the right job at the right time,”  Joe Biden – who is currently heading up the White House Task Force on Gun Violence – is going to cartoon land to begin disarmament talks with videogame characters.

Revealing a shocking loophole in current gun laws, VP Biden has pointed out that videogame characters are currently able to obtain assault-style weapons with no background checks or psychological evaluations, 
in much the same way that Democrats select political candidates.

I believe that, for many Americans, an “executive order” purporting to rescind the Bill of Rights would be the final straw.

It will be the last in 
a long train of abuses and usurpations.

It is a Bill of Rights, codifying a contract between God and man. It cannot be tossed aside, modified at the whim of some would-be oligarch, or otherwise edited in Microsoft Word.

The President and every member of Congress took an oath to uphold the 
Constitution. If the emails I receive are any indication, any such official who would ignore the Bill of Rights — and ignore their oath of office — will face a political wrath the likes of which will shake the nation.

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Let’s pretend we don’t know Obama was mentored by a card carrying Communist, looked forward to a violent Communist revolution in America while he was a student at Occidental College, went to Socialist conferences while studying at Columbia, joined the Socialist New Party in Chicago, and was close friends with former domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, who once advocated for the elimination of 25 million “diehard capitalists”. (Those would be the “refuseniks” who balked at being sent to re-education camps after the revolution.) No reason for concern, there. We’re just a bunch of paranoid, crazy, kook, gun and bible clingers here on the right to even bring that up.

Gun rights activists have already shot down similar schemes, saying a national registry would simply serve as a prelude to outright confiscation later — as has happened on countless occasions throughout history, often just before governments engaged in mass murder of dissidents and target groups. However, despite massive opposition and public vows of civil disobedience, Obama and some Democrat lawmakers are determined to build an expensive federal register of all guns in America, complete with fingerprints. How such measures would reduce crime or violence remains unclear, but critics of the proposal say that was never the point anyway.


Incredibly, despite the fact that virtually every mass shooting in America has occurred in so-called “gun free zones” mandated by federal statutes, Obama is reportedly planning to double down on that scheme as well. According to news reports citing administration officials, the president will be seeking to, among other ideas, increase penalties for violators — perhaps teachers or school administrators who leave a firearm in their car, for example.

Even as Obama’s own children attend a school with numerous armed guards and Secret Service agents, kids without taxpayer-funded protection are expected to remain sitting ducks in “gun free” zones that critics have called “magnets” for mass shooters.