Michigan Man With Concealed Weapons Permit Uses Gun To Shoot “Knockout Game” Attacker…


Army General Calls For Forced Resignation Of Barack Obama..

A retired Army general is calling for the “forced resignations” of President Obama, other administration officials and the leadership of Congress for the direction they’re taking the nation, his list of grievances including the systematic political purge of hundreds of senior military officers in the U.S. military.


Don’t mention Obamacare!


Obamacare Denies Hospital Choice for Blind Child With Rare Bone Disease

ObamaCar. We Know What’s Good For You.

In an effort to win back the hearts of the American People, the White House today announced its support of the new ObamaCar program.
“Too many Americans are driving substandard cars,” said White House Spokesperson Jay Carney during today’s press briefing. “In fact, there are a lot of Americans who don’t even have cars. That is why the President, by executive order, has initiated the ObamaCar Program.”
The new program will see that all Americans, regardless of age, place of residence, or occupation will be required to purchase a vehicle suitable to meet the standards mandated by ObamaCar.

The Sporty Runabout

And the Luxurious Executive Sedan

And Coming Soon: ObamaCycle!