WEASEL IN THE WHITE HOUSE: White House Blocks Press Access to More Obama Events

WEASEL IN THE WHITE HOUSE: White House Blocks Press Access to More Obama EventsThe organizations accuse the White House of banning photojournalists from covering Obama at some events, and then later releasing its own photos and videos of the same events.

“You are only seeing what they want you to see,” said Lucy Dalglish, the dean of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest defended the release of photos and videos, saying the practice helps Obama live up to his pledge of transparency by allowing the public to have greater access to the inner workings of the administration when it’s not feasible for news media to be in the room.

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I’ll tell you, no matter where you look, the focus is on how racist and bigoted and extremist Dallas was — and now today they’re even adding the whole South into the mixture, which everybody knows was the case back then, but they’re linking it to the assassination of Kennedy. This is what the left has done since he was assassinated.  They’ve erased from their and everybody else’s memory that a communist was the assassin.  And they have replaced “a communist” with “America.”  America basically killed the president.  And that has been a major turning point for the Democrat Party and the American left 50 years ago, when they really went full bore on blaming America, simply because they could not accept the fact that a brother communist had killed the president.

Rush Limbaugh

If it’s so wonderful… why would he do that?

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Yeah, what Obama wants to do is he just wants to delay the start of the 2015 Obamacare enrollment period. He wants to move the opening from October 15th of 2014 to November 14th of 2014.