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VIDEO: Obama Classmate Comes Forward With Huge Accusation Against “Suicide Bomber” Obama

Wayne Allyn Root, one of Obama’s classmates at Columbia University, Class of 1983, has come forth with some chilling news regarding President Barack Obama and his goals for America.

Root claimed the most dangerous threat to America was Obama, and he came to this conclusion by examining Obama’s track record and connecting their shared past while in college.

In a video discussing the matter, Root explained that Obama was taught about the “Cloward-Piven” plan, which was designed to destroy capitalism and American exceptionalism by overwhelming the system with “spending, entitlements, regulations and debt.”

Under this plan, the “economy comes to halt, full-time jobs are killed, businesses fail in record numbers, the middle class is murdered financially, the debt implodes and the economy is overwhelmed,” says Root.

Part of the success of the plan would depend upon a majority of the public being distracted and feeling overwhelmed. When citizens feel helpless, they end up begging the government to save them, Root claimed.

People agree to all kinds of bad things when under duress, Root said, and that’s exactly how Obama wants it. Obama wants people to perceive the government as their savior so his dream of a socialist state becomes a reality.

Root claimed Obama has been implementing this plan right before our eyes. Root pointed out that by simply looking at the GDP, one can see where the economy is headed.