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Illegals sue feds for $6 million each for child separation ‘trauma’

ILLEGAL ALIEN ARRESTED IN DEATH Of Woman Found Stuffed In Suitcase


It’s SNOWING In Hawaii: Someone Tell Al Gore & Occasional-Cortex

Mexican cartel meth lab busted in Atlanta suburb


MSNBC: Senate Democrats agree there’s NO evidence of collusion

Texas Takes Border Control Into Its Own Hands: Convoy Police Form Human Barrier


Alleged journalist says it’s ‘f*cking dangerous’ to treat straight white American males like people

4 Ancient Assyrian Books Depicting Life of Jesus Seized in Turkey


FEC Complaint Filed Against (D) Rep. Maxine Waters Alleging ‘Slate Mailer’ Election Law Violations

F-35Bs Conduct Strikes in ‘Beast Mode’ for First Time in Pacific Region


Why They Want To Replace White People……………….


Soros Arrested And Prevented From Suicide By Cyanide! Bush Pleads Guilty To 9/11! Obama Begs For His Life!! What Is Camp 7 At Gitmo?

Soros to be put on trial as an enemy of the United States.

Bushes pled guilty to numerous crimes.

Bush Jr agreed to be executed.

Military tribunals expected to last at least two years.

Obama is at Gitmo where he turned over valuable information, to escape execution.

Obama is begging for his life.

Camp 7 is a special prison at Gitmo…. a 69 million dollar complex designed to hold 15 detainees.

Obama spilled the beans on Soros.

Soros had to be stopped from killing himself with cyanide pill.

Obama admitted Osama Bin Ladin story is a fake.

Obama will not be spared execution, if found guilty of related crimes.



Sens. Harris And Feinstein LIVID As Trump Nominates Conservatives To 9th Circuit Court

President Donald Trump has infuriated California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris by re-nominating a pair of conservative judges to occupy vacancies on the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals over their objections, according to Fox News.

It’s part of the president’s efforts to reshape and balance the courts with conservative jurists. The 9th Circuit has a history as the most liberal and often overturned circuit court in the nation. It’s the court liberals go to when they want a Trump policy overturned.



In the last 7 days Democrats advocated killing babies after they were born, putting a 90% tax on the rich, said we must have sympathy for ISIS, proposed confiscating all our guns, & also had a sitting governor exposed wearing a KKK outfit in the same week as promoting infantcide.

Water filter glyphosate removal lab test results released by Natural News

BOMBSHELL: Apple demands Natural News stop writing about abortions or Satanism; threatens to block Natural News app from all Apple devices

Liberals say women should just “agree” to be robbed, mugged or raped, since self-defense is now BAD

MURDER: New York legalizes killing babies as they’re being born… this is what Democrats call “women’s health”



Alpha poodle of the wolf pack

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‘Bernie Sanders is your enemy’: Victims of Venezuela’s socialism send a strong message to American socialists

imageIt soon became abundantly clear that the Venezuelans in attendance were horrified by the idea of bringing socialism to the United States.

Asking them, “What is your message to those who want socialism here,” the attendees were in agreement: don’t do it.

“You do not ever want anything close to socialism,” one attendee said, while another added, “people are eating from trash cans in the streets, so how has socialism helped?”



Lesson No. 1: If you want your family and children to be safe, BUILD A WALL — preferably a wall that is also surrounded by armed guards. The Vatican understands this lesson. Every celebrity in Hollywood understands. All the wealthy politicians in Washington, D.C., understand. All the big-shot media executives understand. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and George Soros all understand. Barbara Streisand, George Clooney, Sean Penn, and Madonna all understand. They are protected by big walls, sturdy gates, and armed guards.


Lesson No. 2: Liberals lie about everything. Liberals don’t just use walls to separate themselves from the very poor and illegal alien voters they count on to elect them. They use limos and private jets and send their children to lily-white private schools where they’ll never be around gangbangers or illegal aliens or Muslim refugees or disease.

WATCH: Here’s What A Late-Term Abortion Procedure Actually Looks Like.

It’s been shown time and again that self-described "pro-choice" folks change their mind about abortion after they’re shown what the fatal procedure actually entails — and, no, it’s not remotely comparable to a "dentist appointment," as we are commonly told by left-wing activists.image

……."While the woman waits for the laminaria to dilate her cervix, she carries her dead baby inside of her for two to three days," the doctor explains. "On day two, the abortionist replaces the laminaria and may perform a second ultrasound to ensure the baby is dead. If the child is still alive, he administers another lethal dose of Digoxin."

Click here to watch a second trimester dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion.

For demonstrations of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester abortions, click here.

Next Up On the Docket: A New Bill Calling Forth the Beheadings, Dismemberment, & Saline Injections of All Abortion


Get The Children Out of Public Schools!


This is so sickening! Conservatives are being run off all social media, kicked off every online creative platform


Democrat Operative Admits: We’ve Been Rigging Elections for 50 Years

Lesson No. 3: The main reasons for Islam’s growth ultimately involve simple demographics. To begin with, Muslims have more children than members of the seven other major religious groups analyzed in the study. Muslim women have an average of 2.9 children, significantly above the next-highest group (Christians at 2.6) and the average of all non-Muslims (2.2). In all major regions where there is a sizable Muslim population, Muslim fertility exceeds non-Muslim fertility. 

Polish Official: “We Will Not Receive Even One Muslim” in Poland


NBC’S TODAY SHOW Host: If Humans Just Disappeared We Could Fix Global Warming


Ocasio-Cortez Claims Latinos Have The Same Status As Native Americans


Whoops! Democrat Lies Pile Up, Schiff Caught In Pictures With Fusion GPS Founder

Dem Rising Star Stacey Abrams Calls for Revolution Against Whites


Hey, Democrats, I’ve lived in a socialist country with income ‘equality’ and it was miserable

imageMy family left post-Mao Communist China in the mid-1980s precisely because there was so much equality to go around. As a child, I lived in Guangzhou, the third largest city in China. Everyone in my city was equal in having no running hot water, no modern toilet facilities, no refrigerator, no washer, no dryer, and no color television.

magine a world without Whole Foods, Safeway and Walmart, or the plethora of products stocked on their shelves. Imagine no Vitamin Water, no Gatorade, no Starbucks, no Panera Bread, no candy bars and no sea salt potato chips. Now imagine instead being allotted food stamps from the government, indicating how much your family can eat.

There was abundant equality in the dearth of economic opportunities as well. The state told us where to live, where to work, what to buy, and for how much. Worse yet, my fellow citizens who lived in the countryside were even more impoverished.

Piranha skin exfoliation

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Israeli scientists who announced universal cancer cure now viciously attacked by corrupt cancer industry

The moment that Israeli scientists announced they had discovered a universal cancer cure that worked with a single injection and required no toxic chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery, I said to myself, “The cancer industry is going to destroy this team of scientists.”

See the source image“Our cancer cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market,” lead researcher Dan Aridor told the Jerusalem Post. “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer.”

Have no doubts that these medical researchers will be vilified, de-funded, publicly smeared, defamed and ultimately labeled a fraud. This is how the cancer industry — and the vaccine industry — always operates

Make no mistake: The last thing the cancer industry would ever want is a CURE for cancer. It would cost them billions in annual profits and put millions of people out of work worldwide.

In fact, the cancer industry does everything in its power to make sure cancer continues to get worse. Nearly every cancer “treatment” offered by the medical establishment, for example, is widely known to cause more cancer.

All the vaccines in the world can’t stop the Los Angeles typhus epidemic that’s exploding due to third-world socialist conditions

27-year-old man plans to sue his parents for having him without his consent


MYSTERY: No pictures from Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'public appearance'?


The public demands to know why you’re okay with murdering new born babies!

New York Gets New ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ With ‘Squad Cars’ That Look Like Police


New York Gov. Cuomo ends death penalty except for babies

Tiny $9,000 Electric Cars Are About To Flood The United States

American Democrats [Socialists] haven’t yet ‘noticed that Venezuelans haven’t had any toilet paper or food for years now!

Ignorance is NOT bliss, it’s Socialist.

– And US Democrats want you to vote for it in 2020!

Democrats somehow block bill prohibiting… infanticide


Virginia: Saudi exchange student arrested in sexual assault of autistic girl


Feds Spend $228,636 to Find Out Why Obese Lesbians Binge Eat


The link between increased statin use and the dementia epidemic

imageAs noted by the organization Be Brain Fit (BBF), there has been a massive increase in the number of Americans taking statin drugs like Crestor and Lipitor in recent years. At the same time, there has been an astronomical increase in the number of people experiencing memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, which is now the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. BBF suggests that these two statistics may be no coincidence.

People are generally only told about the link between cholesterol and heart disease, but cholesterol also has incredibly important functions in the body. It is found in particularly high concentrations in the brain, with more than 60 percent of this important organ consisting of fat. The brain uses cholesterol to manufacture neurotransmitters, the chemicals which enable brain cells to communicate with each other. Neurotransmitters are also responsible for regulating mood, as well as facilitating focus and the ability to remember things, learn new things and cope with stress.




Since 1831 when it was first measured in the Canadian Arctic it has moved about 1400 miles (2300 km) towards Siberia.

Its speed jumped from about 9 mph (15 kph) to 34 mph (55 kph) since 2000.

The movement of the Earth’s magnetic poles are shown in this animation at 10-year intervals from 1970 to 2020. The red and blue lines show the difference between magnetic north and true north depending on where you are standing. On the green line, a compass would point to true north. Credit: NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information


Sanitized deodorant cakes

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Did Obama Pay Journos For Positive Coverage And To Attack Trump? Why yes, yes he did…


Weed Dumbs American Students Down


USA Powerlifting organization bans transgender women from competing as women


Pentagon Will Send 3,750 More Troops to U.S.-Mexico Border to Install 150 Miles of Wire


Hawaii State Bill Would Raise Smoking Age to 100 by 2024


Hypocrisy on steroids: Democrats in Blackface


MORE LIES: Democrat Gov. Northam Fabricated His Desert Storm War Experiences in 2017 Campaign


Obama Had RussiaGate Scam Documents before Trump Inaugurated


Speaking Of ‘BlackFace’: Mary Poppins Is Now Getting Called Out As ‘Racist’


NFL Pushes Social Justice Message During Super Bowl After Rejecting Pro-America Commercial


Obama allowed illegal alien minors into US with violent crime records


Performers Did NOT Kneel During Halftime Show – Snowflakes Now Crying On Twitter


Massive Illegal Army Expected to Reach Texas Border Monday… Mexico Is Providing Free Buses!


Cool Drone Footage From The Desert | This Certainly Looks Like Border Wall Construction…

Cool Drone Footage From The Desert | This Certainly Looks Like Border Wall Construction…


Excited Border Patrol Officer – ‘The Big Guns Have Arrived! Armored Humvees With Mounted .50 Cals’…


Rapper Taken Into Custody – Overstayed Visa For 13 Years – Fans Thought He Was From Atlanta….


Anal affliction double feature

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Group sues Texas for finding 95K non-citizen voters, calls it unlawful discrimination and intimidation


Build The Wall: The Best Argument You Will Ever Hear!

(To the borderless freaks I have this question: Why the hell should your house have locks or even doors?)


James Woods and Twitter ask: ‘So, where’s Ruth? Askin’ for a nation. Seriously though…#WheresRuth’image image image

With headlines dominated by reports of the government shutdown, migrant caravans approaching the U.S. border and the volatile situation in Venezuela, some topics seem to have faded into the background.

But new hashtags on social media platforms like Twitter have seen some trending as people began to question the whereabouts of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.image


Notice How Democrats are Never Indicted?

In a display of raw federal power unseen since Barack Obama rappelled from a Blackhawk helicopter to personally beat Bin Laden to death with an autographed copy of The imageAudacity of Hope, Roger Stone was arrested at his home by a 29-man, 17-vehicle tactical unit of the FBI.

Another Trump figure has fallen — the end is near, and the noose is tightening.  All Trump associates now fear for their lives and freedom.  Yet some people who have committed crimes much more serious than any of the Mueller indictments remain, as always, unafraid.  That list, by no means comprehensive, includes, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Clapper, Brennen, Steele, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Ohr (Mr. and Mrs.), Rice, and Yates.

imageSome are guilty of lying to Congress or the FBI, mishandling classified information, obstruction, conspiracy, destroying evidence, and much more.  A case could be made that the Mueller investigation itself destroyed evidence when it wiped clean the Strzok and Page cellphones to delete text messages requested by IG Horowitz.  Yet being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry because the rule of law only applies to Republicans and conservatives.  There are no pre-dawn, guns-drawn raids to arrest Democrats.

ICE arrests 118 in New York raid: Over 90% were criminals

imageNew York Democrats just legalized murdering human babies that are born alive after "failed" abortions. They can now be slaughtered on sight, with the full protection of Democrat lawmakers (who cheered the passage of the insane new law).

Now here’s an even more horrifying question: Do you really think that the very same people who just legalized murdering their own children won’t soon try to murder all their political opponents in cold blood?

And who are the new political "enemies" of the deranged Left? White people, of course. Because the bigoted, racist Left now judges people by the color of their skin.
Get ready for an attempted "ethnic cleansing" in America. And if you’re white, you’re the target.


Democrats to remove God and gender from committee oath in one of their first acts as majority


imageNavy SEAL Reveals Secret Mission to Antarctica!

He tells an incredible story of what he saw in Antarctica including buried structures made possibly millions of years ago he claims.   I don’t doubt this story could very well be true as far as what was found but I want to caution you when he says the aliens say they made us.  No aliens made us!    God made us!  Do the structures they found in Antarctica match structures on the Moon and Mars?   Quite possibly!

Obama’s FBI Ignored Lead That CHINA Had CLINTON EMAILS

The evidence in the metadata suggested that a copy of every email Hillary Clinton sent during her tenure as the secretary of state was forwarded to a foreign third party.”  Evidence proved the third party was China.

Apparently, Meadows believes that the person who led the FBI’s Clinton investigation Peter Strzok, who was fired from the agency last year after his anti-Trump text messages became known,  ignored the lead about the Clinton emails/foreign country,  never following up with the ICIG regarding the information. Nobody at the FBI interviewed anyone from the ICIG’s office.

In fact, according to Meadows, Strzok called the ICIG office 10 minutes after Comey gave his speech exonerating Clinton in July 2016,  and asked them to close out their inspector general’s referral about China hacking into Hillary’s server.


Letter to My Boss…………………

I have enjoyed working here these past several years.

You have paid me very well and given me benefits beyond belief.
Have 3-4 months off per year
and a pension plan that will pay my salary til the day I die
and then pay my estate one year salary death bonus
and then continue to pay my
spouse my salary
with increases until he (or she) dies
and a health plan that most people can only dream of having no deductible whatsoever.

Despite this, I plan to take the next 12-18 months to find a new position.
During this time I will show up for work when it is convenient for me.
In addition, I fully expect to draw my full salary and all the other perks associated with my current job.

Oh yes, if my search for this new job proves fruitless,
I will be coming back with no loss in pay or status.
Before you say anything, remember that you have no choice in this matter.
I can, and I will do this.


Every Senator or Congressman running for re-election

Are We Stupid or What?


Flies in the ointment

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Why The Media Hides Obama’s Speeches and History


Democrats to remove mentions of God and gender from committee oaths


Joe Scarborough: “I’ll Say under Oath: Never Once Heard Trump Say Anything Racially Insensitive”


Congressional Testimony Confirms Trump Can Build Wall Without ‘Emergency’

BROOKS: I want to direct your attention to 10 United States Code § 284 which authorizes President Trump to deploy the United States military to the southern border to build fences and to do a lot of other things, and for clarity, if you look it up in the dictionary the word fence includes the word barrier and the word barrier includes walls made of a wide variety of different materials.

So that having been said, it seems to me that 10 U.S. Code § 284 can be used by the President of the United States to direct the United States military to build a wall.


Pssst …Wanna See The Poll That Has The DNC Pulling Its Hair Extensions/Plugs Out?


Virginia Democrat Rides On Heels Of New York – Pushes To Allow Babies To Be Murdered During Delivery


New Yorkers aren’t happy that $15 minimum wage has increased food prices



More porridge for the engorged

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Pentagon sending thousands more troops to Mexico border...

miGfZGK.jpgHundreds of migrants cross Arizona border after 'busloads' dropped off...


Non-citizens voting in our elections is a huge problem

When I was a boy, I had a disease that required me to eat dirt three times a day in order to survive... It's a good thing my older brother told me about it.

Making Freedom Great Again: U.S. Jumps Six Spots On Global Freedom Index

Calif. College Board Cancels Pledge of Allegiance Because It Is ‘White Nationalist’

If a guy remembers the color of your eyes after the first date, chances are… you have small boobs.


California protesters MOCK woman as she recites the Pledge of Allegiance


Kamala Harris: What kind of civil society tolerates "assault weapons" in the people’s hands?

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

Kamala Says No More Health Insurance, Guns, Wealth, & Borders

BAD NEWS FOR DEMS! Trump Takes Shocking Spot In Poll Asking Dems Who They Prefer In 2020

Anyone looking at what’s happening in Venezuela has to know the socialism these fruitcakes want is a recipe for disaster in America.

We’re really not surprised that Democrats are jumping from the party because of the illogical policies by Democrats. We’re just surprised they don’t see it yet.


In a new poll of “Democratic-leaning adults”, Trump has gained ground in a big way. This comes after the news that Trump’s numbers with Hispanics have gotten better too.

Nurse who stole opioids gets job back — because her addiction is a “disability”

Republicans Reintroduce Legislation to Repeal Estate Tax

2019: The Beginning of the End for the Transgender Movement

There was a time — not long ago, perhaps three to five years — when gay activism advanced on a premise of equality and fairness. The Scouts experience show us what this “equality and fairness” looks like in action. A movement built on falsehood is hard to sustain. And its fundamental unfairness is showing its face ever more clearly now in the form of transgender bullying.

I am quite sure that somewhere, some college freshman woman is being assigned to room with a “transwoman.” And she’s being shamed as “transphobic” if she objects to rooming with a man.

Meanwhile, for the second year in a row, the Texas State girl’s wrestling champion is essentially doping on testosterone.

Parents will not put up with this for long. They won’t sit idly by as young girls decide en masse it’s cool to “transition.”


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