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  • ICYMI: President Trump (Worst ‘Racist’ Ever) Honored at Benedict College as Bipartisan Justice Award Winner   ICYMI: President Trump (Worst ‘Racist’ Ever) Honored at Benedict College as Bipartisan Justice Award Winner

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  • The Coming Tsunami: The Impeachment ‘Distraction’ Cannot Stop The Tidal Wave Of Information That Is About to Be Revealed About The Deep State

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  • After 15 Surgeries: Family Gives Update on Miraculous Recovery of 5-Year-Old Boy Thrown From a Third-Floor Balcony by a Radical Muslim
  • Judicial Watch Obtains Strzok-Page Emails Showing FBI’s Special Accommodation of Clinton Email Witnesses  Judicial Watch Obtains Strzok-Page Emails Showing FBI’s Special Accommodation of Clinton Email Witnesses

  • More Blood on Democrats’ Filthy Hands: Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Teenage Boy, Grandmother

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  • Remember That Time Piece of Schiff Tried to Obtain Naked Photos of Trump from Russian Comedians Claiming to be Foreign Agents?

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  • Democrat Former California Lawmaker to Pay $150K After Using Campaign Cash for Asia Trip, Hawaii Home Fix-Up

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  • Christian Leader Rev. Franklin Graham Says There Is ‘Demonic Origin’ To Resistance To President Trump

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  • The Church of St. Pete: Buttplug Says Bible is ‘Inconsistent,’ Claims Can Justify Killing Babies

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  • Chick-fil-A Put an Obama and Hillary Supporter in Charge, but Dumped Christians

  • Justice Ginsburg: ‘I Would Not Look to the US Constitution’

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  • Thank you veterans …… and pencil necks on the poop deck

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    pencil necks on the poop deck

  • BREAKING: Trump Just BURNED Mueller At The STAKE With 11 Words That Says EVERYTHING You Need To Know
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  • Woman Who Was Partially Sucked Out Of Southwest Jet After Violent Depressurization Has Died
  • Obama State Department Spent $9 Million With Soros To Meddle In Albanian Politics
  • Shock: White House Chief of Staff “Voted For Hillary”, Still Blocking Trump From Alternative Media
  • Hundreds Of Earthquakes Rattle The U.S. As The Level Of Seismic Activity In North America Continues To Rise
  • https://x22report.com/brilliant-did-you-catch-what-the-patriots-are-doing-think-coup-episode-2017/







    Flogged with political entrails

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    Sharia law trumps U.S. Constitution in Dearborn (video)

    Another Islamic Training Camp Uncovered In… Alabama


    BIOLOGICAL INVASION: Disease-infested illegals are being intentionally deposited in cities across America after being exposed to tuberculosis, measles and other infectious diseases


    Disturbing video of Muslim children in Philadelphia surfaces: ‘we will chop off their heads…our Palestine must return to us’

    DOJ drafting regulation to deport low-income immigrants leeching off of taxpayers


    Corruption by any other name still spell "Democrat"

    Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

    Wow: Unemployment Rate Hits Lowest Point In A Half Century


    Trump Secures Free HIV Prevention Drug for 200,000 Gay People

    The Weakening Of Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Greatly Accelerated


    Satellite data: No real increase in global warming for the last 23 years


    Newly Formed Muslim Group Working to Elect…Muslims


    At The National Prayer Breakfast Nancy Pelosi Compares Christ To Muhammad

    Check Out How This Volvo Ad Was Run in America vs Poland


    Obama Had Marxist Vision For US At Occidental College


    Double your pressure

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    Trump: Prayer ‘Most Powerful Thing There Is’



    Months after Judicial Watch reported that migrants from terrorist nations try to enter the U.S. via Mexico at record rates, government figures show that more than 10,000 illegal aliens from countries that sponsor terrorism currently live here. It’s not clear how they entered the country but federal authorities know about them because they have either been deported or have final removal orders pending. Nevertheless, they are not in custody and roam freely in unsuspecting communities throughout America.

    SHOCK VIDEO: Kids at Philly Islamic center recorded issuing gory threat...

    The Weakening Of Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Greatly Accelerated


    Death toll tops 1,000 in Ebola outbreak...

    TEST: Fighter Jets with Lasers...


    Complete Madness: Democrats Subpoenaed Trump’s Grandkids’ Personal Records (VIDEO)

    Jury Nullifies Georgia Weed Law, Finds Man Not Guilty Despite Admittedly Growing Marijuana


    Democrats as Ruthless Politicians After Mueller Report Exonerates Trump


    Homeland Security Released 7000 Illegals Into U.S. In Last 5 Days


    Illinois marijuana legalization bill would allow possession up to 30 grams, 5 plants grown at home


    AB 693: More Corruption in Voter Registration by Democrats


    Multi-State ‘Exploitation’ Ring Busted As 17 Children Rescued, 82 Arrested



    Students practice calligraphy by writing ‘There is no god but Allah’




    Fun fact: The average Democrat drools five times as much as the average dog

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    Globalist Operative: Pedophilia is a ‘Sexual Orientation’ and Pedophiles Are ‘Born’ That Way


    Leftists demand eliminating all Christian crosses from public view, claiming it “triggers” them… political correctness is now equivalent to Satanism


    Mueller Report Reveals Russia Supported… Black Lives Matter

    Mueller Report Reveals Russia Backed Bernie Sanders


    A Day At Our Beleaguered Border: Human Smugglers In Arizona Fire AK-47s At DHS Agents


    Mexican troops detained, disarmed American soldiers on US side of the border


    Consumer watchdog group finds patent applications by Google and Amazon for spying on customers by recording your conversations


    NEVER turn in guns, magazines or banned accessories to the government: They are creating a database of those who own gun gear


    Bombshell Gov Official Confirms Link Between Vaccines and Autism

    Library Journal Pushes to Destroy Book Collections Because ‘They Promote and Proliferate Whiteness’

    Barry Soetoro Is Registered To Vote In DC – Barack Obama Is Not


    Ben Carson Plans to Evict Illegals in HUD Housing to Make Room for Needy Americans


    Undergarment brown out

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    Anyone who gets the Measles Vaccine should be BANNED from all public places for at least two weeks due to likelihood of virus “shedding”

    imageEven a short, one-time burst of exercise can boost parts of the brain responsible for executive function such as decision-making and focus

    China tried to grow cotton on the moon – and failed. Here’s why it’s still important

    imageDemocrats have convinced a majority of Americans that Trump didn’t cut their taxes. They’re wrong.

    Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

    Why would democrats want open borders?

    Migrants Monitored for Ebola Along Texas Border

    Big Pharma profits threatened if epidemic NOT blamed on unvaccinated?

    CDC admits measles outbreak is caused by people from other countries who enter the United States and spread the disease

    See the source image

    imageImpossible Whopper — Burger King Adopts Fake Meat

    The new Impossible Whopper bills itself as 100% Whopper, 0% Beef

    Instead of a hamburger patty made with beef, the burger will feature an Impossible patty, which is made mostly of soy protein, potato protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil and heme, derived from genetically engineered yeast


    How’s that socialism working out for ya?

    Venezuelan scavengers vie with vultures for Brazilian trash

    “I left because I was dying of hunger. We are trying to get ahead looking through this rubbish. Every night I pray to God to take me out of here,” said Rosemary Tovar, a 23-year-old mother from Caracas.

    Soooooo this black Democrat demands black people be allowed to kill their babies if they want to? WTF is wrong with some people?

    KILLING BLACKS: Female state representative in Ohio uses “slavery” excuse to push for exempting ALL black babies from pro-life bill

    Rep. Janine Boyd, a Democrat, crafted an amendment to a pro-life bill that forbids baby-killing abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be heard by doctors (usually around six weeks).

    imageLifeNews noted that Boyd’s amendment “would have given an exemption to African American women to abort their unborn babies for any reason up to the state’s current limit, 20 weeks.”

    Unbelievably, Boyd “likened restrictions on abortion to slavery as she urged her fellow lawmakers to support the measure.”

    Since there is no slavery anymore in America, Boyd’s measure effectively carries out Margaret Sanger’s original intent of destroying the black race in America or, at a minimum, keeping the black population as low as possible. Her mental programming to believe in abortion at all costs, like religion, has led her to craft this ridiculous legislation and then attempt to justify it with a wholly inappropriate example.

    Former Planned Parenthood exec-turned-pro-life activist Abby Johnson destroyed Boyd over her amendment, saying that “apparently a 38 percent national abortion rate in the African-American community isn’t enough.”


    De Blasio Plans To Sue Trump To Keep Migrants Out Of New York ‘Sanctuary’ City

    A former Justice Department lawyer, Hans von Spakovsky, said no specific provision of law prevents it.

    See the source image“There’s no restriction, there’s no legal limit in federal immigration law that says the Department of Homeland Security can only release detained illegal aliens in particular locations,” von Spakovsky, now a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, said Monday night on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Fox Business Network.

    “I don’t see anything in the law that would prevent the president from doing this,” he said.

    It’s known that the Obama administration was releasing illegal immigrants randomly and not tracking their movements, and were reticent to provide information as to how many were let go. Trump’s plan, at the very least, will lend itself to tracking how many illegals are being released and where exactly they go, at least initially.Image result for Anti-Immigration Meme

    Sara Carter: Deep State DOJ and FBI Operatives are Panicked, Ratting Out Each Other (VIDEO)


    exfoliated by piranhas

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    Rep. Hunter pretends to cross the Mexico border and gets called out for violating ‘parole’


    Tables Turned? GOP Demands Origins Of ‘Liars Who Instigated Sham’ Investigated

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    Solar Storm Alert: Earth To Be Bombarded By Solar Particles In A Few Days

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    Intel insiders feared Trump would expose them


    France takes Roundup weed-killer off market after court ruling

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    Supreme Court prepares to hear 2020 citizenship question case

    CNN panel has insane, on-air MELTDOWN over Mueller report


    Liberals Outraged That Police Put American Flag Decals on Their Squad Cars

    Democrat Rep. Omar: So What If I Hold Secret Fundraisers With Groups That Support Terrorism

    The Muslims are Colonizing Under Your Noses – Putting Muslim Representatives Into Position Only to Attack!

    Man Brings Telescope to the Street and Invites People to Look at the Moon –Their Reactions Will Bring You to Tears

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    Illegals Get Free Government Housing Over Citizens, Trump Takes Aim

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