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EXPOSED: Beto O’Rourke Campaign Giving Funds to Members of Migrant Caravan


Breaking! YUGE news on the Trumpconomy – just before the midterm elections!!

 Great again: 250K new jobs smashes estimates, wages increase biggest since recession


Explosive balloon discovered in Israeli kindergarten near Gaza

Georgia Governor Candidate Stacey Abrams: ‘Second Amendment Bigoted’


JOBS MIRACLE: Trump Creates 434,000 Manufacturing Jobs That Obama Said Were Never Coming Back

Facebook Approves Dem Ad Threatening North Dakota Hunters with Loss of License for Voting


The Pentagon Can’t Account for $21 Trillion (That’s Not a Typo)

Illegal Aliens-to-Be Sue Administration for Trying to Keep Them Out


RED WAVE RISING: Voting to Date and Trump Rallies Indicate MASSIVE REPUBLICAN TURNOUT for Mid-Terms

Democratic Lawmaker arrested for voting 19 Times.




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Fake pipe bomb attack on Dems was STAGED by Dems!


Craziness: Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc And Stormy Daniels Worked at the Same Strip Club (VIDEO)

5G Towers Are Showing Serious Health Effects

Gitmo Terrorists Obama Traded for Army Deserter “Reinforce” Taliban in Qatar

The Guantanamo terrorists released by Barack Obama in exchange for a U.S. Army deserter have joined the Taliban’s “political” office in Qatar. The move reinforces the terrorist group’s operations, according to the Spanish international news agency that broke the story this week.

The five men were incarcerated at the U.S. military prison in southeast Cuba because they held positions of great importance with the terrorist group, including Chief of Staff of the Taliban Army and the Taliban Deputy Minister of Intelligence. One U.S. Senator referred to the freed jihadists as the “
Taliban Dream Team.”

That did not stop Obama from swapping them for a disgraced Army solider, Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured by the Taliban after deserting his post in Afghanistan. The secret exchange violated the law and written White House rules. The nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), determined that the president broke a “clear and unambiguous” law when he traded the high-level terrorists for Bergdahl, who went AWOL in Afghanistan in 2009.


The Biannual ‘Voter Suppression’ Scam

The only thing more certain than death and taxes is that, every election cycle, the Democrats will accuse Republicans of “voter suppression.” They inevitably insist that requiring individuals to possess photo identification in order to cast a ballot is a sinister right-wing conspiracy to prevent minorities from exercising the franchise.


‘Biggest terror threat in this country is white men,’ says Don Lemon, the guy with the white boyfriend


Shots Fired Into Florida GOP Campaign Office




Turns out, Stormy Daniels performed at same Florida strip club as alleged mail bomber


KA-CHING! Kavanaugh Accuser Who Had ‘Nothing To Gain’ Raises Nearly $1 Million, Fields Book Offers



Moldering morsels for thought

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Democrat Operative Admits: We’ve Been Rigging Elections “for 50 Years”

“It’s a very easy thing for Republicans to say, ‘Well, they’re bussing people in.’ Well, you know what? We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you f*****g a******s for 50 years and we’re not going to stop now." So said Scott Foval, until recently the national field director for left-wing group Americans United for Change. The people he described so vulgarly are Republicans, and by “deal with” he was referring to committing vote fraud.

You know, that crime Democrats claim doesn’t exist.

Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

W. Virginia Democratic candidate was pagan witchcraft cult leader, but doesn’t think voters mind

Political Cartoons by Pat Cross

Trump uses 2005 video to manage caravan message. Because it’s not racist when Obama says it!

‘Never heard of him’: Notable Columbia prof says he isn’t sure Obama attended Columbia University

“I taught every significant politician that ever studied at Columbia,” said Columbia Emeritus Professor of History Henry Graff, in an interview last week with Wayne Root, a contributor at The Blaze. “Between American History and Diplomatic History, one way or another, they all had to come through my classes.”

“Not Obama,” he continued. “I never had a student with that name in any of my classes. I never met him, never saw him, never heard of him.”

Graff alleged that “none of the other Columbia professors knew him either” and said he is “very upset” to hear Obama referred to as a graduate of Columbia University.

“I am angry when I hear Obama called ‘the first President of the United States from Columbia University,’” he said. “I don’t consider him a Columbia student. I have no idea what he did on the Columbia campus. No one knows him.”


Some Tarrant County Voters Report Problems When Selecting ‘Straight Party’ Option


Communist Antifa Places Severed Pig Heads At Campaign Offices In Texas Calling For A Violent Revolution

HOAX? Former Navy EOD Officer Explains Why 'Bombs' Addressed To Democrats Almost Certainly Meant To Be Intercepted

HOAX? Former Navy EOD Officer Explains Why ‘Bombs’ Addressed To Democrats Almost Certainly Meant To Be Intercepted

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Over Half Of America Gets More In Welfare Than It Pays In Taxes

The political implications of this are considerable. As Ludwig von Mises once noted, once we get to the point that a majority of the voting population receives more in benefits than it pays in taxes, then voters will demand more and more wealth be transferred to them through government programs. It will then become politically necessary to extract larger and larger amounts of wealth from a minority in order to subsidize the majority.


Iranian Spies Arrested on US Soil Were Plotting Attacks

These operations are happening at a time when the Iranian regime is in dire need of cash and trying to escape international sanctions. It cannot afford to spend money on intelligence operations without an important purpose.

Since it is understood that preparing attacks on U.S. soil at this time is an especially risky endeavor, this means that the Iranian regime was very serious about preparing attacks on these targets—so serious it was willing to make the investment and risk a measured response from the Trump Administration and the international community if detected.


IMMIGRATION STUDY: Cuts To Welfare Benefits For Illegal Aliens Would Fund Trump’s Border Wall

Minnesota Governor Welcomes Refugees In Droves And Then Terror Breaks Out


Out of Place Artifacts and Objects That Do Not Belong in our Reality (Video)

One of the key pieces of scientific evidence that the dating methods are completely and horribly wrong was the recent discovery of actual soft tissue in Dinosaur fossils. It is absolutely impossible for that tissue to survive millions of years.


Double your pressure

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VOTE FRAUD WARNING: U.S.A. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Living Adult Citizens

A shocking vote fraud report finds that nationwide the U.S. has 3.5 million more registered voters than it has living, adult citizens eligible to vote.

The startling claim was reported by Investors.com after a look at U.S. Census numbers.


670 ballots in a precinct with 276 voters, and other tales from Georgia’s primary

Habersham County’s Mud Creek precinct in northeastern Georgia had 276 registered voters ahead of the state’s primary elections in May.

But 670 ballots were cast, according to the Georgia secretary of state’s office, indicating a 243 percent turnout.

The discrepancy, included in a number of sworn statements and exhibits filed as part of a federal lawsuit against the state by election security activists, comes amid swelling public concern for the security of Georgia’s voting systems. Georgia is one of four states that uses voting machines statewide that produce no paper record for voters to verify,…


Revealed: Secret Service Foiled ISIS Assassination Attempt On President Trump

Just one year into his term, President Donald Trump was the target of a credible assassination plot attributed to ISIS — but the U.S. Secret Service managed to foil the attempt, according to a report that will air on National Geographic channel on Sunday.



Sweden: 20 reported rapes per day

This fear has increased with the increasing immigration from the Middle East and Africa, so it’s not rocket science,



Australia: Students under the age of 10 threatened to BEHEAD teachers

Islamic extremism in our primary schools: Two students under ten years old revealed to have threatened to BEHEAD teachers

“Islamic extremism” – sheesh. Redundant much? It’s Islam. Period. 1,400 years of it.


Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes

in Vaccines all Found Murdered

Nagalese is what prevents vitamin D from being produced in the body, which is the body’s main defense to naturally kill cancer cells.

According to Thebigriddle.com: Nagalase is a protein that’s also created by all cancer cells. This protein is also found in very high concentrations in autistic children. And they’re PUTTING it in our vaccines!!

And that it’s obviously being done knowingly and on purpose! The Dr’s they killed in FL had been collaborating and were getting ready to go public with the information.


BOMBSHELL VIDEO! ‘In Case I’m Killed,’ Billionaire SAYS The CLINTONS Did IT

The FBI (under the Obama administration) in Los Angeles began providing around-the-clock protection for him. But just a few days before Chung was scheduled to testify before a grand jury, the FBI headquarters in Washington called off the protection detail and told Chung he would have to make the trip alone. [Source: Daily Mail]

At this point, out of options and fearing for his life, Chung made the video. He smuggled it to trusted friends and family with instructions to release it to the media in the event of his untimely death, believing he was at risk of being killed.

Although Chung is said to be currently hiding in China

Chung became extremely scared after the death of Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce under Bill Clinton.

John Ashe, former President of the United Nations General Assembly, dropped dead during a weightlifting accident when he was set to testify about funneling illegally obtained funds from Chinese officials to the DNC.


Non-nutritive political flavored paste

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BREAKING: Journalist Investigating Clinton Scandal Found Dead, He Predicted It DAYS Before



Nancy Pelosi: When We Take Over, If You Don’t "Share Our View," You’ll Be "Collateral Damage"


Eric Holder DEMANDS Republicans Stop Investigating the Russian Investigation

Eric Holder DEMANDS Republicans Stop Investigating the Russian Investigation


Uh oh: Woman claims "unwanted" sexual advance by Senate Dem in "late 1980s"

In case you wondered:


Reports: Soros funding border caravan invasion

Cash-strapped Democrats are grateful for Soros’ deep pockets, as elected officials are happy to forward the billionaire’s anti-Trump, pro-immigration agenda.

“The Democratic Party links are also in strong evidence, [as] earlier this month, Oregon’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown accepted a contribution to her re-election campaign from Soros – his first direct involvement in that state’s elections, “Three days later, Brown announced the Oregon National Guard would not be participating in President Trump’s effort to get the Guard providing border security.”


“The President got really mad about Woodward’s book, really mad. The book compared him to a fifth grader. A lot of Democrats seized on that, until they realized, they got beat by a fifth grader.”

Nikki Haley


Democrats SCRAMBLING Over FBI Sat on Clinton Emails Found on Weiner Laptop

Democrats SCRAMBLING Over FBI Sat on Clinton Emails Found on Weiner Laptop

Texas Democrats Ask Non-Citizens To Register To Vote, Pre-Checked Citizenship Box On Applications


Decorated Silver Star Veteran, POW Sentenced to 7 Years for a Gun He Bought 40 Years Ago


Higher Levels of Fluoride Found To Be Linked With ADHD In Children


Al Gore Predicts Massive Apocalypse If Billions Are Not Spent On His Books, Films

SAN FRANSISCO, CA—Al Gore spoke at the Global Action Climate Summit in San Francisco on Sunday and he didn’t parse words. “This world is headed for a global catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions if everyone doesn’t drop all other priorities and redirect all spending toward buying my books and seeing my movies,” Gore said.

“I am not messing around,” he added. “I am super serious.”

Gore went on to present numerous charts and graphs showing a direct correlation between the destruction of the Earth and his profit margins.

“Science deniers can scoff all they want,” he said while aiming a laser pointer at a chart showing his prediction that the Earth will end within five years if his new book does not make the top of the New York Times Bestseller List. “And even that could be too little too late,” Gore said. “To really guarantee that this environmental apocalypse doesn’t happen, my books need to outsell the Bible.”

vote like our futures depend on it.

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Professor: If You See Republicans In Restaurant, ‘Stick Your Fingers In Their Salad’

Paid Democratic Voter Fraud Ring Uncovered In Texas

Despite being constantly assured by Democrats and most of the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) that voter fraud doesn’t really happen, these nagging stories seem to keep popping up. This one, picked up by CBS News in Dallas, is a doozy. Four women have been charged with felonies in Fort Worth after the discovery that they were intercepting ballots, primarily intended for elderly voters, and filling them out themselves before trying to trick the intended voters into signing them. And it’s not just a few ballots either.


Special Counsel Mueller’s Report DOOMS Democrats

GOP Candidate Hurt in Attack After Holder Says ‘Kick’ Opponents

President Trump urges 5% cut to federal government spending to curb deficits


Mass Hypnosis Of Democrat Activists? The Video Organizers Hope You Never See

BREAKING: Footage shows Honduras caravan migrants being paid as they march toward US border



WAKE UP GEORGIA! DEM CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR Calls For Removal Of Amazing Confederate Carving [VIDEO] *

U.S. Steel Workers See Big League Pay Increase Under Trump



U.S. Finally Regains Top Spot as Most Competitive Economy

"Crooked" Hillary Slams Into Concrete Pillar As More Documents Exposing Her Crimes Are Released


So They Once Took In $140 Million For A Cause And Only Contributed 9 Million-Saying The Other $129


A reporter asks some liberals why they are protesting, NO answer

Sweden: 3 Muslim Immigrants Broadcast “LIVE” Video Stream on Facebook as They Gang-Rape a Swedish Girl

Sweden: 3 Muslim Immigrants Broadcast “LIVE” Video Stream on Facebook as They Gang-Rape a Swedish Girl


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Political Cartoons by AF Branco






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